The Wal-Mart-ization of

Dell started selling one thing: computers. It now sells computers, servers, support/installation services, printers, mobile devices and hundreds of accessories.
The other thing that Dell is doing more of is bundling third party software on its PCs as a standard addition or as an option from its web site. When you visit and order a computer, you’ll be given the choice of adding various software vendor’s computers to your system.
Vendors that can partner with Dell can increase their sales and at the very least increase visibility by latching onto Dell’s broad reach online.
In this connection, Trend Micro announced that Dell is now offering its North American customers the choice to pre-install Trend Micro’s PC-cillin Internet Security on new desktop and notebook systems.
“Our global agreement with Dell is indicative of Trend Micro’s continued growth and strength in the North American consumer and SOHO market, providing an award-winning comprehensive security choice for the home users combating multiple Internet threats,” said Lane Bess, Trend Micro’s Global General Manager for Consumer Products and Services. “In addition to our presence in store front and online retail outlets, this is another convenient way for North American customers to select protection with free support from Trend Micro.”