Web Mail Services: More Powerful

Thanks to a slew of new programming tools, online email services like Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail are getting better and better. (Salesforce.com, Netsuite and other online services are also taking advantage of these tools as well). Yahoo (let’s all be thankful for competition like Google) has greatly improved on its mail service with drag and drop and other features.
The Washington Post writes The new Yahoo Mail mimics offline mail programs by letting you drag and drop messages throughout the program — into other folders, for example — and offering a preview pane, which allows you to read a message in a window below the inbox listing without opening the message. Also new is a tab function that allows more than one message to be open at a time; clicking on tabs lets you move between open folders and messages.
Read the full WP article here
I am a STRONG proponent of downloading your email to a safe and secure place on your hard drive or corporate servers, but when you’re on the road or don’t have access to YOUR computer nothing beats the joy of having a great and fast interface to your email. I use Gmail and like it a lot. But I’m sure as Yahoo and Hotmail improve their services they’ll do well.
I just finished helping a Manhattan Chamber of Commerce member with a serious AOL problem. Lesson Learned – businesses should NOT have AOL email.