When Moving Files Keep Broken Links In Tact

If you are moving hundreds and thousands of files around and are rightfully worried about links being broken there is a solution with Linkfixerplus.
Linkfixerplus writes Many types of files, such as Excel files, contain links to other files. As a result, IT staff are often faced with the special problem of what to do when performing data migrations, server consolidations or folder reorganizations. For as soon as files are moved or renamed, or server or folder names are changed, broken links occur.
If moving or renaming one file or one folder causes only a few broken links, then the problem is not severe. Files can be manually opened and broken links can be manually repaired. But what if moving or renaming files or folders causes dozens, hundreds or thousands of broken links?
This is the problem that LinkTek’s patent-pending product, LinkFixerPlus solves. Using LinkFixerPlus, IT staffs can easily move or rename many different types of files, along with the files they link to, in batch, and have all of the links maintained totally automatically!
LinkFixerPlus can report, manage and maintain links contained in files such as: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, Adobe InDesign, PageMaker, PDF and even
HTML files, In addition, LinkFixerPlus Gold can fix broken links caused by files or folders that have previously been moved or renamed.