Archive of October 2005

Dell: Trend Micro Inside

Reuters writes Japanese security software maker Trend Micro Inc. has teamed with PC maker Dell Inc. to sell Internet security software to consumers, a Trend Micro executive said on Friday. Financial terms were not disclosed. Starting next week Dell will load free 90-day trial versions of PC-cillin on PCs shipped to North American consumers.[end post]

Oracle, NetSuite and – The Family

The NY Times goes into the relationshp that Oracle’s founder Larry Ellison has with the founders of NetSuite and The Times writes The connections binding Oracle, Salesforce and NetSuite add another intriguing twist to a looming showdown likely to include other industry heavyweights, SAP AG and Microsoft Corp. Worried that on-demand software could threaten […]

Eight steps to hiring an SMB IT consultant

SearchSMB writes As your business grows, your information systems can become stretched to the limit. Hiring an IT consultant to keep your systems on track or up to date can help solve your problems, as long as you hire the right one. The range of expertise and cost of consultants varies greatly. One of the […]

What’s the Best Web Conferencing System

A Question on Ask Dave Taylor reads Dave, I need to run a monthly online conference with some of my investors, something where I can talk them through some PowerPoint slides and show off a Web-based demo or two, all computer-based. The options I’ve seen are pretty darn expensive, however: what’s your recommendation? Dave gives […]

Building a Web Site? Choose A Specialist

When your sink breaks, car needs to be repaired or etc, you call the right person for the job. In many cases building your web site is no different. It is important that you seriously consider if you should build your web site on your own or have someone else do it for you. There […]

Skype Groups: Skype for Business

Skype is a wonderful service that lets you talk for cheap or free via the Internet in addition to a range of other useful telecommunication features. The only draw back for businesses was that there was no way to centrally manage accounts until now. With Skype Groups, one person can buy and distribute Skype’s premium […]

WiFi On A Cell Phone

Having WiFi On A Cell Phone means that when you want to talk on the phone you can use the cell phone network. When you want to access the Ineternet you can do so via a WiFi hotspot or use the phones cellular data capabilities. InStat writes the Wi-Fi-enabled Audiovox PPC-6700 Windows Mobile Pocket PC […]

Send Email With a Leash

When sending an email message to someone do you ever wish you could completely control how that message is forwarded, printed, edited and etc? Essential Security Software, a provider of email and document security solutions for small business, today announced the availability of Essential Taceo. Taceo (US$35) gives content authors the power to determine how […]

Eudora 7 To Be released Soon

I’ve used Qualcomm’s Eudora for years and really loved it a lot. I then moved to Mozilla’s Thunderbird as Eudora kept crashing. In the coming weeks a new version of Eudora will be launched which include: a unique technology designed to prevent users from sending emails to clients, bosses or other designated parties accidentally. Additional […]