1 KY Doctor + House Visits = Modern Technology

In Dell and the National Federation of Independent Business’ latest Small Business Excellence Award the winning submission was a rural Kentucky doctor who makes house visits so the rural community won’t have to travel long distances to see a doctor.
Dr. Timothy Kriss has more than 5,000 electronic medical records stored on two Dell notebook computers and uses voice recognition software to deliver real-time medical records and diagnosis during appointments.
Dr. Kriss also has an established relationship with the regional medical center if surgery is necessary for his patients.
As the 2005 winner, Dr. Kriss will receive $30,000 in Dell technology and services, a lifetime NFIB membership, and will spend a day at Dell¬?s headquarters to learn best practices from Mr. Dell and other senior Dell executives.
US$30,000 in technology for one Doctor is a heck of a lot of money. Congrats to Dr. Kriss.