Book Review – “Just Say No To Microsoft”

While I personally feel that small business are BETTER served and can do more for their businesses by using Microsoft products such as Windows 2000 or XP operating system and Microsoft Office, there ARE alternative solutions.
Tony Bove is only too happy to explain how to become liberated [from Microsoft] in his new book, “Just Say No To Microsoft” (No Starch Press, October ’05). As PC Magazine columnist John Dvorak says in his introduction, “You are about to read one of the most interesting overviews of modern desktop computing history that’s ever been written.”
This book looks like it would be a good book to read for the technology alternatives to Microsoft products but the more “political” part about Microsoft dominance is most likely the same nonsense that many people have screamed about for years.
“Just Say No To Microsoft” is packed with practical information about alternative operating systems and programs that will help Microsoft captives exercise their freedom of choice reads the book’s press release.
“Just Say No To Microsoft” chronicles how the company’s practices have discouraged innovation, stunted competition, and helped foster an environment ripe for viruses, bugs, and hackers. From there, Bove examines other operating systems, such as Linux and Macintosh, and Microsoft Office alternatives that will keep readers productive and able to interact with their Microsoft-using colleagues and friends without missing a beat.