Building a Web Site? Choose A Specialist

When your sink breaks, car needs to be repaired or etc, you call the right person for the job. In many cases building your web site is no different. It is important that you seriously consider if you should build your web site on your own or have someone else do it for you.
There are MANY tools to help you build your web site on your own, if you choose to do so, such as (you can call them and they’ll build a site for you or do it online), Microsoft Front Page is an easy to computer program you can use to build a web site as well.
However, the National Federation of Independent Business writes In looking outside your business for help, your choices include Internet service providers, graphic designers, Web consultants, Web design shops, technology consulting firms, traditional advertising, public relations agencies or interactive agencies.
To decide which type of specialist to use, listen to Socrates: Know thyself. “You need to define what type of site you are,” Weber said. Do you want an informational site, an interactive site or an e-commerce site?
Each site demands different technical skills. A graphic designer with Web experience can put together an informational site. Interactive sites require database or instructional design skills. E-commerce sites take database skills as well as knowledge of appropriate e-commerce software packages.

I have a list of web designers I can recommend you use if you want to email me