Bye-Bye Groupware. Welcome Lifeware

Airset has launched a new service, although geared to consumers, it can be perfectly suited to smaller businesses from what I can tell.
The service helps you manage, via on online interface and for free a range of life services such as calendar, address book, to-do list, blog and/or bookmarks. The bonus of this service is that you can share these things with those who really matter to you and synchronize with Microsoft Outlook or Palm Desktop. Yes, there is a catch.
You can download Airset’s mobile client and for $4.99 per month have this information on your phone. Furthermore Airset can send messages to your phone, related to your “lifeware” to keep you on schedule and in the know.
With the mobile phone option you can:
* Update event and contact changes for everybody in your group
* Wireless synchronization to your AirSet data
* Backup your contacts in case you upgrade or lose your phone.
Sounds pretty neat to me.