CafeMetro – Order Now & Eat 30 Minutes Later

Rob Levin, Editor of NY Enterprise Report writes that Cafe Metro, a deli which operates throughout Manhattan sends an email every day with their specials. The cool part is it is very easy to order online (set up an account, pick your food, how you want to pay and they show up 30 minutes later). Other than the fact they don’t have an opt out on their email, I would say this is the perfect online experience.
The secret to CafeMetro’s ecommerce solution is that they outsource the solution to Geomerx a New Jersey based company that provides storefronts, starting at $49 per month, for businesses that don’t want to manage ecommerce on their own.
You don’t make your own electricity or route your own water. eCommerce should be the same. You grow your business and let others manage the complexity of selling online.
HOWEVER, as your business grows you might find better results by having dedicated staff managing the user experience, turning browsers into buyers and etc to increase online sales.