eBay – Save Money, Lose Money, Be Careful

A travel agent friend of mine called me earlier today and explained that he bought two products on eBay. One product, a CD, arrived but it was only a copy, not an original CD and furthermore would not work in his computer. The other product, after two weeks has not arrived. What should he do he asked?
With eBay you can give the seller a negative rating in the hopes that others can be warned away from them. You can also report them to eBay and at eBay’s discretion they’ll take appropriate steps.
The other thing and the best thing you can do is to purchase via a credit card and if there is a problem ask your credit card company to not pay them.
Buying online CAN save you money. I’ve bought many things online and even sold a few things. HOWEVER, make sure when buying and selling that you don’t lose money. Protect yourself as best you can by getting as much information from the buyer/seller as you can.