Got Lotus? Got Nokia? Then, “You’ve Got Mail”

Although Microsoft Exchange is the predominant email server for businesses many businesses still have Lotus Notes (and other email systems from Novel and others).
Mobile developer CommonTime announces mSuite for Nokia 9300 phones. Their press release reads that this extends their best of breed mobile and wireless Lotus Notes messaging solution to offer Lotus Instant Messaging and Push Email for the popular enterprise phone.
mSuite which includes mNotes functionality delivers industry-recognized AES security, protecting against handheld device data theft, identity theft and fraudulent email attacks¬?
Secure wireless data transfer, centralized management of devices & their content will also now be available to Nokia 9300 owners. mSuite aims to boost productivity, reduce cost of ownership and increase total benefit of software and device ownership. Products from the mSuite range run over a common architecture, the CommonTime Mobility Framework which ensures a smooth upgrade from mNotes (mobile Lotus Notes messaging) to a complete security and management suite.