Icode Changes Its Name to Everest Software Inc

I normally do not cover corporate name or personnel changes but since I’ve covered ERP/e-business software provider Icode several times in the past, I think it’s important that you know their name is no longer Icode but now Everest Software.
The name change represents the company’s continued commitment to providing customers with the to manage and view their entire business, from the storefront to the front- and back-office in real-time, from a single fully-integrated solution.
“Changing the company name represents another milestone for us as we continue to gain market share, and broaden our product offering in the wholesale/distribution, and retail markets,” said James E. McGowan, president and CEO of Everest Software.
McGowan added, “We believe the Everest Software name has greater meaning to our customers and prospects. We intend to capitalize on the significant brand equity we’ve established in the small- and medium-business markets with the Everest brand–through our superior product suite and our professional services offerings.” McGowan summarized, “Our new tagline, ‘Unparalleled View of Your Business’ combined with the Everest Software name, demonstrates the key business benefit we deliver–the unique ability to view and manage every aspect of our customers’ business operations with a level of accuracy and speed that delivers immediate ROI–in real-time.”