Is Your Web Site Ready for Christmas?

The Holiday Shopping Season is coming VERY soon and if your web site is not ready, sales this year won’t be better than last year. Make sure your web site can handle the load of extra traffic. Check your security – what a shame to have a hacker steal customer data the week before Christmas. What about usability? Are users given the easiest shopping experience possible?
Affinity Internet, a web services provider for small businesses, recently conducted its 2005 ValueTraffic eCommerce survey to support early findings in online shopping trends, and determine how is going to affect small businesses this holiday season. The nationwide survey of over 2300 small business owners not only confirmed consumer reports of increased online sales activity, but illustrated sales expectations for this holiday season, identified the most effective marketing and advertising strategies and examined what online security measures small businesses are implementing to protect themselves and their customers.
The advent of tools like highly-localized search, combined with this increase in online shopping, has truly empowered small businesses to reach customers and expand their businesses in ways they never could. The eCommerce survey gives great insight into how small businesses are preparing to take advantage of this increase in online shopping this holiday season.