Lenovo’s New Desktops: Intelligent Design

As I wrote in an earlier post about notebook computers, on face value notebooks and desktops are about the same. But when you dig inside of them you can really see the design and features that make them differnet.
If your computer crashes and you can’t boot it up, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your data was safe because it was automatically protected. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you could repair the problem yourself with a bit of help from Lenovo‘s ThinkAdvantage technologies?
If you just want a computer, any computer from any national brand will do. But if you want a computer that will help you stay up and running, take a double look at what Lenovo is offering.
Lenovo recently announced its first line of desktop PCs designed specifically to meet the technology needs of small businesses — the ThinkCentre E Series. Lenovo writes – Focusing on ease-of-use, affordability and reliability, ThinkCentre E50 tower and small desktop PCs offer a new alternative for users who need standard technology for basic computing tasks. Encased in a new silver and black design, the ThinkCentre E50 delivers proven technologies, award-winning IBM service and support and data protection to simplify manageability throughout the ownership experience.
“Lenovo has developed the ThinkCentre E Series line of desktops to offer small business professionals technology peace of mind. We want to reduce the day-to-day IT management hassles small businesses face by providing basic PC functionality for easy to use solutions right out of the box,” said Bob Galush, vice president, product marketing, Lenovo. “In addition, small businesses can rest assured their data is safe with reliable technologies, such as Rescue and Recovery.”
For small businesses, system crashes and viruses can result in loss of productivity, critical data and money, and can require significant time to recover. Using Rescue and Recovery preloaded on ThinkCentre E50 desktops, users can diagnose, get help, and recover from a crash without the need of an IT staff, even if the operating system will not boot. In addition, users can employ an extra layer of support using Rescue and Recovery by pre-configuring automatic external backups to a server or external storage.
In the event users need additional help, award-winning PC service and support is available on the Internet at www.lenovo.com/pc/support with innovative web-based diagnostic and self-help tools. In addition, users can contact experienced technicians for assistance by phone through Lenovo’s consolidated SupportCenter located in Atlanta, Georgia.