Manufacturer. Do you need help? Check out Sage MAS 500 ERP 7.0

Yesterday, Sage Software announced the launch of Sage MAS 500 ERP 7.0, a scaleable and full-featured business management application for small enterprises. Sage MAS 500 7.0 includes new warehouse management and business intelligence modules that enhance workflow across an organization and directly support Sage Software’s vertical market strategy of coupling industry-leading accounting capabilities with deep vertical market functionality.
The press release reads Sage MAS 500 7.0 builds upon the award-winning features of previous versions with enhancements specifically for small enterprise business owners in distribution and manufacturing.
New Warehouse Management Module – The new warehouse management module enables distributors to dramatically increase productivity in their warehouse with advanced bin management tools, new wave and zone picking methods for businesses with larger warehouse operations, and more streamlined inventory transfers for extended supply chain operations.
Enhanced Bin, Serial and Lot Distribution – One of the most common obstacles facing distribution customers involves the assignment of serial and lot numbers. Sage MAS 500 7.0 enables users to manually or automatically define a range of serial or lot numbers for inventory transactions such as inventory picking, receiving and manufacturing materials. User-defined masking capabilities can be used to create meaningful naming conventions for lot and serial identification.
Streamlined Sales Order – For faster data processing, sales order entry has been completely revamped, including support for extensive personalization of the order entry screen. In addition, new capabilities support will-call orders, streamlined picking and payment processing directly from the order entry screen.
Phantom BOM/Routing – Sage MAS 500 7.0 supports phantom bills of materials and routings to satisfy the varying needs of manufacturers. This industry-standard feature is supported throughout Sage MAS 500 7.0, including MRP, and facilitates the use of common bills of material for engineering and manufacturing.
Enhanced Decimal Precision – Manufacturers in growing industries, such as pharmaceutical and high technology, require a high level of decimal precision. Sage MAS 500 7.0 delivers up to eight decimal places for quantities and up to five decimal places for price and cost, giving manufacturers the benefits of improved inventory management and much more accurate costing.
Comprehensive business intelligence and analysis
With its new Business Insights Explorer (BIE) module, Sage MAS 500 7.0 introduces a new paradigm in ERP usability and work-flow improvement. The newest member of the Sage MAS 500 Business Insights suite, BIE takes inquiry, drill-down, drill-around and analysis to a new level. New and current users will immediately reap benefits from the extensive set of usability and customization features, which produce significant gains in real-time workflow efficiency and reporting capabilities. Business Insights Explorer includes the following core features:
Preview – With preview functionality, users are able to locate a specific entity or transaction in a spreadsheet style interface while viewing related entities and transactions in a secondary spreadsheet view. For example, the customers view includes the ability to preview open invoices, orders and projects in addition to the customer address, contact and balance information.
Manage – With the task management options provided by BIE, users have an easy mechanism for quickly accessing key Sage MAS 500 7.0 tasks for the entity being displayed. For example, when viewing a customer, the tasks for updating the customer information or creating an order are all readily accessible. When the Sage MAS 500 7.0 task is loaded, the appropriate context is passed from BIE, limiting extra keystrokes and improving productivity.
Analyze – With Business Insights Analyzer (BIA), users have the ability to organize, graph and format summarized information. Contextual mappings have been configured within BIE that enable users to jump directly to specific BIA views for detailed analysis such as sales history or project profitability.
Explore – With explore users can greatly enhance work-flow efficiency and customer satisfaction by quickly and easily accessing all pertinent and related data for an entity or transaction being viewed.