Mobile Email: The Next Onslaught. Are You Ready?

If you have an older Palm Treo, Blackberry or other email device then you’ve got “old” technology.
I don’t encourage you to buy new technology every few months just for the sake of buying new technology. However here’s a few things you should do:
a) have a MOBILE tech expert on staff who keeps up with this technology. If it’s just you and if mobile computing is important make sure you subscribe to a mobile computer magazine and at least know what’s going on
b) have a MOBILE tech consultant that you can turn to and who can advise and/or actually implement solutions for you
c) segment the needs of your staff; there’s hi-powered users who travel a lot and need the best technology; then there’s other staff that can do with the basics and older technology
There’s new devices out and coming out from Palm and Blackberry and others such as Nokia which could be far better than what you have now. More storage, more features and better usability.
Nokia’s latest device for example, the E61 can use various email platforms, unlike the Blackberry.
The Associated Press writes Unlike the BlackBerry, the new Nokia device will be compatible with multiple e-mail platforms, including BlackBerry Connect, GoodLink from Good Technology, Inc., Nokia Business Center, Seven Mobile Mail and Seven Always-On Mail and Visto Mobile.
The iPaq from HP, already available outside the United States, and the Q from Motorola, due for release next year, are both based on the Windows Mobile operating system and are compatible with multiple e-mail platforms as well.