Nokia Cell Phone: Bundled with Mobile Security Features

If you’ve got one of those fancy, snazzy smartphones running Microsoft or some other operating system, be careful. What you really have in your hand is a small computer and what do computers get? Infected with viruses and malicious code unless they are protected.
You don’t want to have your phone infected with a virus and then connect it to your network and have the virus infect your network and beyond.
Nokia and Symantec, have entered into an agreement that will enable Nokia to provide its Series 60 based mobile devices with Symantec’s Mobile Security solutions. This new agreement is an expansion on the companies’ two-year collaboration. A concrete example of the new agreement is the new Nokia N70 that supports Symantec Mobile Security for Symbian OS, an integrated security client that protects smartphones from wireless threats.
As smartphone purchasing and usage become more prolific Nokia and Symantec want to offer security solutions that will help protect personal information, such as contact databases, stored on smartphones in addition to connected networks.
?Mobile devices are changing the way consumers and businesses live and work,? said Sarah Hicks, vice president of mobile and wireless solutions, Symantec Corp. ?As more and more data, including financial and personal details, are being stored on mobile devices, they are increasingly at risk to malware threats. This agreement with Symantec allows Nokia to provide key security features to the Series 60 Platform and Series 60 based smartphones.