Oracle, NetSuite and – The Family

The NY Times goes into the relationshp that Oracle’s founder Larry Ellison has with the founders of NetSuite and
The Times writes The connections binding Oracle, Salesforce and NetSuite add another intriguing twist to a looming showdown likely to include other industry heavyweights, SAP AG and Microsoft Corp.
Worried that on-demand software could threaten its dominant Office software and Windows operating system, Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft recently reshuffled its management to delve deeper in Internet-based applications.
Several lesser known on-demand vendors also figure to enter the fray. The most notable is RightNow Technologies Inc. ó a Bozeman, Mont. company that has enjoyed 31 consecutive quarters of revenue growth.
“I’m the only guy in this (on-demand) space that’s not part of this dysfunctional family from Oracle,” said RightNow CEO Greg Gianforte.
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