PodCasting: Make Your Message Heard All Over

Podcasting, like blogging, is a growing way of communicating with little (if any) money and technology tools. Podcasts let you say what you want and share it with any audience who has the ability to listen via free software and a computer (or MP3 player).
For your business, you can open up a whole ‘nother world to your customers, partners and employees.
The NY Times writes, Ms. Maffin is among the growing numbers of people creating their own podcasts. Listeners find these programs by searching Google by topic, for example, or by using a podcast directory like those on Yahoo or iTunes. Podcasts are as varied as the interests of the writers; the programs may offer recordings of family reunions, walking tours of a neighborhood, comic routines of a stay-at-home dad, discussions of favorite movies and books or, in Ms. Maffin’s case, the personal exploration of an illness.[end post]