Resource Allocator – Project Management for Quickbooks and Outlook

Many small businesses do two things. Use Microsoft Outlook for email, contact management and a calendar and use Intuit’s Quickbooks for day to do accounting.
Resource Allocator a new project management application from BQE Software Inc. works with both Quickbooks and Outlook.
I’d suggest you check out BQE Software Inc web site for their new program but also for some other neat ones they have.

More and more companies are outsourcing projects, or working with remote teams, which creates management challenges for businesses, said Will Breiholz, General Manager of BQE Software. ¬?Following the strong customer demand for the Resource Allocator add-on for BillQuick, we decided to make Resource Allocator 2006 available to QuickBooks and Outlook users too.?
With Resource Allocator 2006, project managers can assign resources across teams or geographies to different tasks for different projects, to view the schedule of both resources and projects, and to maintain separate private and standard calendars for resources. Resource Allocator 2006 reads data from BillQuick, QuickBooks, or Microsoft Outlook to determine the earliest finish date and time for a resource or a group of resources assigned to a project task for budgeted hours from a specified start date.
?As a successful architectural and construction management company, we usually have multiple projects ongoing at any one time. With team members in different locations, and working on different projects, managing resources is essential to completing projects on time and within budget,? said Arthur Ashai, Vice President of Ashai Design, Inc. With Resource Allocator, I have a bird’?s eye view of all projects, people, and can quickly adapt to circumstances to protect and maximize profitability.?