Send Email With a Leash

When sending an email message to someone do you ever wish you could completely control how that message is forwarded, printed, edited and etc?
Essential Security Software, a provider of email and document security solutions for small business, today announced the availability of Essential Taceo.
Taceo (US$35) gives content authors the power to determine how recipients may use their email and documents. For example, Taceo senders can prevent unauthorized distribution (no forwarding, printing) and prevent unauthorized editing (no cut, copy, paste) of content. In addition, users can set expiration times/dates on email and documents, as well as set usage permissions that evolve with time.
One-click content control and integration with Microsoft Outlook enables users to quickly send protected email without disrupting workflow. Via drag and drop into Taceo, Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls to prevent forwarding, editing, printing etc. apply to more than 30 file types including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPointÆ, VisioÆ, Adobe PDF, and Corel WordPerfectÆ.[end post]