Skype Groups: Skype for Business

Skype is a wonderful service that lets you talk for cheap or free via the Internet in addition to a range of other useful telecommunication features. The only draw back for businesses was that there was no way to centrally manage accounts until now. With Skype Groups, one person can buy and distribute Skype’s premium services to multiple Skype accounts.
If you have been using Skype for yourself, with Skype Groups there is now no reason why you shouldn’t start using it for all of your employees as well.
“From our research, we know that approximately 30% of our 61 million registered users rely on Skype for business purposes. We responded to their needs with Skype Groups, which will increase customer satisfaction by making it even simpler to purchase premium services,” said Niklas Zennstrˆm, Skype CEO and co-founder. “In particular, businesses that outsource or have distributed teams will find Skype’s services incredibly valuable. No longer do managers have to juggle multiple communications plans among multiple providers; with Skype Groups, all employees are on one global platform at a fraction of the cost.”