Small Business Server: For More than Small Businesses

Microsoft’s Small Business Server is network server software that bundles email, database, web, file and print servers into one product. It also manages a shared internet connection and many other network services. It’s a low cost and good solution for businesses with 75 or less computers.
Other good networking products include Emerge Core’s IT IN A BOX and Nitix.
Realizing that IT professionals, used to the more enterprise focused server products (like Windows 2003) might not know that Microsoft Small Business Server can be a good tool in the enterprise, such as for branch offices or other applications Microsoft has made available a white paper for IT professionals.
Microsoft writes If you are an Enterprise IT Pro who is installing or supporting Windows SBS 2003 for the first time or who just wants to know more about it, this paper is for you!
This paper begins with a brief survey of the Windows SBS 2003 design philosophy. It then continues with the Top 10 must-know facts that Enterprise IT Pros unfamiliar with Windows SBS often miss, it highlights the Top 10 cool features of Windows SBS, and then it concludes with a quick look at some of the standard scenarios that you¬?re likely to find in many Windows SBS installations.

Get the download here.