Study: Direct Correlation Between SMB’s Web Sites and Business Growth

I’m sure many of you already have web sites and know its power. But for your colleagues who DO NOT HAVE WEB SITES, here’s more proof of its importance.
Web Host 1&1 Internet conducted a survey, which canvassed some 50,000 1&1 SMB customers in the United Stated, Germany and the United Kingdom (the company’s main areas of operation) and sought to learn firsthand from SMBs the impact that having a Web site has had on their business, particularly in the first 12 months after going online. The results were analyzed by Prof. Dr. Edgar Einemann of Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences in Bremerhaven, Germany, in a detailed report called International Comparison of the Economic Effects Resulting from the Implementation of Professional Webhosting Products.
Among the most intriguing of Dr. Einemann’s findings:
* Almost all respondents (94.7 percent) said their Web presence provides a positive contribution to their company’s development
* Half said less than 20 percent of their sales are generated through their Web site; roughly a third said their site accounts for more than 20 percent of sales
* More than 80 percent who experienced sales changes in the past year attribute it to having a Web presence
* More than three quarters of the respondents said their Web site offers major benefits in effective marketing, overall customer communication and reaching and attracting new customers
* Almost all respondents (85.9 percent) are convinced that they are implementing an overall cost-effective new communication tool
* More than two thirds said their web site cost less than $650 in the past year
“The survey’s overall conclusion is that maintaining a Web presence has significant positive economic benefits for SMBs,” said Dr. Einemann. “It is clearly an example of the extent to which the Internet has penetrated the global economy, and is particularly significant because it is based on a relatively large number of respondents and an international comparison.”