Use a Virtual Credit Card and Be Safer

When purchasing online, it is possible that hackers can get access to your credit card number. There’s several problems – either you will be held accountable for the charges but most likely you won’t be. Either way someone (most likely the merchant) will have to pay for the fraud and overall this fraud increases the cost for retailing/commerce for all of us.
A solution is a virtual credit card. A card that has a limited amount of money and only used ONE time.
On the other hand, the Washington Post writes Many Internet security and privacy experts, however, question its necessity. “It’s a good idea and clever, but I’ve never seen the need to use it,” said Bruce Schneier, chief technology officer of Counterpane Internet Security Inc. Noting that consumers have, at most, only a $50 liability if a credit card is fraudulently used, Schneier said, “I don’t have a lot a risk here.” It would be more troublesome if someone stole his Social Security number and created a new account in his name, Schneier said; that kind of identity theft is much harder to correct.