Verizon – Such Great Customer Service

I continue to be impressed with Verizon‘s customer service! My phone was recently lost and today a new phone came that I ordered from an online company. Why? Well phone companies give you great deals when you sign the initial contracts (2 years or so) as they recoup the cost of the phone. However if you lose that phone, they can’t give you a $50 phone, but charge you $200 or so for a new one. However, there are MANY places to find a phone online for cheaper ($80 in my case) and easily add the new phone to your old account, thus keeping the same number.
I say all of this to explain that a) when I went to the Verizon store the sales manager SUGGESTED I buy the phone online to get it cheaper. He could have got the extra bucks in HIS store, but no he helped me save money b) when I called Verizon a few minutes ago to restore my account as I could not do it online, the customer rep was SO friendly and helpful as if he had all day to help me!
Verizon – thanks and keep on doing so well