When Buying Technology: Look Beyond Features

When you look to buy software or hardware for your business, the easiest thing in the world is to compare a big feature chart and think, “this product must be better as it has more features than the other product”. Not so. When looking at a product you’ve really go to look at the product in light of YOUR NEEDS. How does it work for you. I’ll have more on this Monday when I write about the newest release of Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise.
However, USA Today writing on the subject writes So Apple released the new iPod ó the iPod nano ó at the same time it introduced the Motorola ROKR phone, which has a built-in iPod. The nano got the best reception. The ROKR got iffy reviews. Why is that?
It’s the nano is a beautiful piece of hardware ó and a beautiful piece of hardware that also functioned really well.
The phone was just a fine phone.
That’s the iPod lesson: Good technology is not just about features. It’s about form and function. If something lacks one or the other in abundance, it will disappear to the discount rack.
Let’s start with the iPod. Apple has over 30% of the MP3 player market when you look at hard-drive-based players and flash-memory-based players. (If you look at just the hard-drive players, Apple’s share is in the 80% range.)