Why Email Archiving Is Important. Nah – A MUST

I’m one of those people who sales people dread selling to. I’m skeptical and ask questions. When Iron Sentry suggested I have a look at their product and tell you about it, my first question was why?

What I’ve come to realize is that backing up email is often not enough. Its easy to take your email program’s data files and daily or hourly back them up. But the trick is how do you get email dated 1 June 2003 from Joe Burns Bakery? Just backing up email can’t give you that information easily. Sure you can search by date but what if you only have a range? What if there are thousands of emails with that date? The other problem is time. You might find what you need – but do you have a week, 30 hours, a month to find it?
In response to my query, Iron Sentry sent me 4+1 reasons why you should do more than just BACKUP YOUR email but consider archiving it as well.
Accountability would be the main reason that we have come across. 70% of all business communication is now done through email. If a company is working on a job/project they need to be able to keep a record of all the communication related to that job/project¬?therefore if something goes wrong they have full accountability of who was responsible for what. This has been of great concern to ISO certified companies and we are finding that our product has helped them meet some of the criteria for their certification.
Secondly, to have a fast an easy way to retrieve any and all email communication in fractions of a second using our search engine technology. This has been a benefit for many reason, if you need to find an email from a client that they sent 2 weeks ago, or perhaps 2 years ago ¬? you can find that within seconds with IronSentry.
Third, Security if you have a disgruntled employee who decides that he/she would like to delete all communication from a certain client, they can delete from the application that is on their system, i.e.. Outlook. But IronSentry will have that email communication stored for the company, and again can be retrieved in seconds.
Forth, Unlimited storage, IronSentry (I would guess that their competitors could offer similar claims) will provide you will storage for life. There are some companies out there that have similar products to ours, but they always come with a storage limit¬?IronSentry does not. And we do not charge extra for the storage that you use. It is a very low monthly fee that does not change, regardless of how much storage you use.
Also please keep in mind that this is not software that you have to install, IronSentry works with your existing system and takes only 5 minutes to get you started.
Need more proof?
StartupJournal.com writes It once took employees at Webcor Builders nearly 60 man-hours to sift through old computer tapes for email messages that had been subpoenaed in litigation with a subcontractor.
Now, the same task would take less than an hour, says Gregg Davis, chief information officer at the San Mateo, Calif., company, which has about 350 office workers who use email.
The change comes courtesy of email-archiving software, which is helping companies keep up with the growing regulatory and legal demands for retaining email. Webcor, which uses Enterprise Vault software from Symantec Corp., uses the software to both deal with lawsuits as well as to comply with California regulations requiring building contractors to retain construction records — including email — for seven to 10 years
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