Your BlackBerry Could Do More If You Tell It To

Your BlackBerry (whose service might be shut down any day now by the way) is a tool that will only do as much as you tell it to. Like a computer, if you only know how to do one thing on it, like send email, then that’s all its going to do. However, O’Reilly’s “BlackBerry Hacks” can show you how to do much more.
O’Reilly’ writes – Not just for corporate dynamos anymore, the versatile and flexible BlackBerry handheld computing device allows anyone, anywhere to stay in touch and manage life with ease. “The nice thing about the BlackBerry is that it has something for every type of user–from the newbies to the most advanced alpha-geeks,” says Blackberry expert and author Dave Mabe. With his new “BlackBerry Hacks” (O’Reilly, US $24.95), BlackBerry users at all levels will uncover creative tricks and tools for
using BlackBerries for phone calls, instant messaging, email, organizing,
web browsing, and a whole lot more.
“The BlackBerry is ripe with opportunities for the hacker in all of us,”
says Mabe. “Just the size of the keyboard and screen required RIM
[BlackBerry developer Research in Motion] to build hacks into the device
to make it usable for the average person.” But the 100 smart, standalone
hacks in Mabe’s guide go well beyond what’s “usable”–these cutting-edge
tips and tools make the BlackBerry the most remarkable mobile communications device for email, instant messaging, web browsing, and receiving RSS feeds as well as managing a BlackBerry Enterprise Server and using the Mobile Data Service. Developers will learn how to make a web site “BlackBerry friendly” and even how to get started with Java development.
“There are a slew of hacks for the beginner, but even the most advanced
power user will find juicy nuggets to incorporate into daily use,”
promises Mabe.