Your Customers are Scared to Buy Online. What Will You Do?

A recent report by Consumer Reports suggests that consumers are scared to buy online and I might add – with a good reason. I buy online all the time and have had no problems (yet). However there are many others who buy online and get scammed (lose money or have their identities stolen). Not buying online is BAD for your business.
To help your customers buy more online, which will help you in the end, as you can sell more online, do two things: 1) make sure your online security and that of your partners and intermediaries is secure 2) educate your customers on the benefits of buying online and how secure it is.
AFP writes Nearly one-third of US Internet users are cutting back on Web usage and 25 percent say they have stopped buying online due to fears of identity theft and other threats, a survey showed.
The survey by Consumer Reports WebWatch, a joint effort of the consumer magazine Consumer Reports and other organizations, found Internet users are less trustful of websites and have been adjusting their behavior due to what they see as threats online.