Your Notebook Computer is Not A Desktop

IDC has issued a report that reads that larger notebook computer displays are becoming more acceptable – even 20 inches might not be too unusual soon. However, I would HIGHLY caution every small business owner to remember that a notebook computer is meant for portable computing. If you really want a large computer screen then get a desktop that has the computer system part in a small form factor connected to a VERY large screen.
Cnet writes With so many DVDs featuring letterboxed or wide-screen versions of films, consumers’ fascination with larger screen sizes is changing the size and shape of the laptop industry, stated an IDC report issued on Monday.
The wide-screen format, found in only 39.2 percent of laptops expected to ship this year, will become dominant in mid- to late 2006. It will nearly eclipse standard screen dimensions by the end of 2009, the market research firm estimates.