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Book Review – Making it Big in Small Business 2006

SMB Nation interviews Ramon Ray, Editor, for their latest book “Making it Big in Small Business 2006”. Imagine attending a dinner party with the top 15 SMB consultants esellers, learning all about their awarding winning business model recipes and engaging in invaluable “table talk.” That’s what this book is about! Over 350+ pages, long-time […]

Free Virus Protection Software. Yep. You Read Right

Symantec, McAfee, Trend Micro, Panda Software and others make anti-virus products, while they are not expensive – $20, $40 or so – they do cost money. However, there are some free anti-virus tools you can use that work just as well (more or less) than the “brand names” reports the Washington Post. While they are […]

Mobile Devices and Security Policies

As more and more users use mobile devices it is important for you to properly manage their security. When you buy 5 smartphones for your sales force you must remember that these are CORPORATE assets that still should be managed and secure. The challenge, however, is that these assets are kept by users 24/7, unlike […]

Blending Security Devices – The Trend Continues

Last week I wrote about Eli’s security in a box with managed security solutions, this trend continues as Check Point releases an “all in one” security product. The Associated Press writes Check Point Software Technologies Monday is preparing to launch two multi-function security appliances with remote management capabilities. The products are geared toward businesses with […]

Three Web Design Books: Two Are Real Good

Two book publishers O’Reilly and Peachpit Press sent me two of their latest books, “The Non-Designer’s Web Book” by Robin Williams and John Tollett and “Creating Web Sites: The Missing Manual” by Matthew MacDonald. Both books are full of great information that will help you build a web site, but I’d suggest you buy “The […]

Two Factor Authentication: Soft Hard Token on a Cell Phone

Passwords are just fine for many uses but passwords (especially multiple passwords) can be difficult to memorize. Furthermore, one password means there’s only one “wall” between the data and the “wrong person” who should not have access to the data. To bolster security, many companies (especially governments and financial institutions) are implementing tokens which generate […]

Working with the Feds? Enhance Your Security

If you want (or are) to work with the government, ensuring you have solid security in place can be as important in getting (or keeping) the contract as anything else. Alex Hart, director of public sector channel sales at Symantec Corporation writes that Small businesses are increasingly under the gun when it comes to information […]