Beyond “Presentations as Usual”

If you are looking for a presentation solution that goes beyond presentations as usual, consider Ontra Presentations newest software release, version 4.1. I’m sure you have Microsoft Power Point, the grand-daddy of presentation software on your PC now but maybe you find that you want to do more, much more and find it limiting.
The new software from Ontra creates multimedia slideshows, and provides a powerful communications platform upon which any company can effectively manage all aspects of the sales and marketing process.
Their press release reads Ontra is the only software to incorporate business functionality into its presentation software, taking into account the needs of the entire organization. By managing print, web and audio visual collateral in a searchable database, the entire sales team can access resources and present a consistent brand identity to customers. Ontra 4.1 also incorporates important sales functions to make it faster and more convenient to export files for binding, and create CD¬?s to leave with prospects. This organizes the communication process across the entire organization, and yields better results.
Ontra 4.1 Advanced Features
· Advanced multimedia incorporates full-screen video, audio and animations seamlessly into any presentation.
· Customizable Agenda Slide lets users guide the presentation.
· Embedded live PDF, web pages and excel spreadsheets incorporate important data into presentations.
· Variable resolution printing, including high-resolution, low-resolution, gray scale, dropped background, full-page, thumbnail and PDF options.
· Easy export to for fast, professional binding services.
· Export to CD feature for a professional leave behind collateral.
· Media player comes packaged on the Export CD and available at for immediate download.