Blackberry’s Latest Wonder: 8700c

A good PDA is a MUST for any serious business person. A PDA with on demand email/web is a must for many as well.
PC World reviews Blackberry’s latest PDA and writes The newest member of the BlackBerry family (a quad-band phone hybrid with EDGE support) offers more PDA functionality than ever, and it retains all its core strengths as a mobile e-mail powerhouse. I got the chance to test a pre-production unit, and I doubt that the 8700c will convert Treo or Windows Mobile lovers. But corporate travelers tied to the BlackBerry platform might find the new functionality and form factor appealing–and like its predecessors, the 8700c remains a strong option for anyone who wants to type mail or messages on a handheld. Cingular plans to start selling the hybrid on November 21; it’ll cost $300 with a two-year contract after mail-in rebate, or $450 for current Cingular subscribers.