Book Review: Creating Web Sites: The Missing Manual

O’Reilly’s press release reads – “With the real-world tips and tricks throughout this book, any reader can build a web site that looks like a 21st-century web site,” promises Matthew MacDonald, author of the new “Creating Web Sites: The Missing Manual” (O’Reilly, US $29.95). This practical and comprehensive guide explains web site fundamentals and the best techniques and tools for easily creating and maintaining a personal or small-business site that is visitor-friendly, thoroughly modern, and brimming with the slickest new features.
Whether creating a first page from scratch, or resurrecting an existing
site that’s decidedly uncool, readers will learn the best way to build
great web sites–from concept phase through to web hosting, and make it
stand out with modern formatting practices. In fact, everything about the
book is modern: it uses style sheets (CSS) from the beginning, devotes a
whole chapter to blogging, and takes into account the hottest new browser
MacDonald’s “Creating Web Sites: The Missing Manual” is a down-to-earth
tutorial that quickly brings even the most non-technical readers up to
speed on web language and the how-to’s of web site building.
“Creating Web Sites: The Missing Manual” is practical,
assures MacDonald: “The book doesn’t cover every nook and cranny of HTML
if it’s not useful or widely used–after all, who has time for a history
lesson? It does answer the questions that ordinary people really need
This witty and intelligent Missing Manual comes with all the vital
information, clear-headed advice, and detailed instructions people need to
make their ideas and vision a web reality.