Book Review: Phishing Exposed

Having your money or identify stolen by a phishing scam is no joke, “Phishing Exposed” should be on the book shelf of every IT consultant to share with their customers.
Syngress Publishing, Inc., today announced the publication of Phishing Exposed (ISBN: 159749030X), by Lance James, a book that dives into the unique world of international phishing gangs. The book includes technically detailed forensic examinations of real phishing exams and educates law enforcement officers, system administrators, and fraud investigators.
Inside the book coverage:
-Identify the Three Classes of Phishing Attacks – Go behind the scenes to learn how phishing gangs execute impersonation, forwarding, and popup attacks.
-Uncover Phishing Servers and Blind Drops – Follow the trail from hostile Web servers to anonymous e-mail accounts where stolen data is stored.
-Learn How E-mail Addresses Are Harvested – See how phishers use bots and crawlers to scour the Internet for valid e-mall addresses to attack.
-Detect Cross-Site Scripting (CSS) Attacks – Watch as phishers use CSS attacks to hijack browsers, steal cookies, and run malicious code on Web browsers.
-Exploit the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) – Implement cross-user vulnerabilities to render SSL certificates null and void.
-Follow the Money… Untangle the intricate web of international money laundering.
-See the Future of Phishing – Learn how new pharming techniques use DNS poisoning to redirect online traffic to a malicious computer.
-Go Phishing…- Send phishing e-mails you have received to author Lance James for