BusinessEssentials version 2 from MYOB

BusinessEssentials version 2, is a basic small business management and accounting suite from MYOB that includes enhancements to its accounting software component, BusinessBasics, as well as easy-to-use business tools including financial forecasting and logo design software, business planning aids, and small business training books.
At the center of the BusinessEssentials suite is BusinessBasics, MYOB’s accounting software that according to MYOB makes sales a breeze, banking efficient, expenses manageable, and customer relations personable. The second version of BusinessBasics (contained within BusinessEssentials) comes with a host of new features, including:
Professional Looking Forms
The Creative Forms Designer comes packed with features, making it easier to create personalized and professional looking business forms, with the ability to create boxes with rounded edges, add color and shading, and insert graphics. The new design toolbar provides easy access to these features and more. This new functionality, coupled with the Logo Design software included with BusinessEssentials, allows for creative, professional looking invoices and other business forms.
Enhanced Emailing
Statements and invoices can now be emailed in batches, saving time and effort when sending business forms to your customers. Custom default subject lines and messages save even more time, while a default invoice delivery system can be chosen for each customer so that you don’t have to choose more than once whether to email, print, or email and print an invoice or statement to a given customer.

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