Cabinet NG – Paper is Wet & Ruined – Data is Safe and Dry

I love real life success stories of technology in action – Joseph Maiorana Insurance Agency Inc., a New Orleans, Louisiana-based firm, credits paper to digital scanning company Cabinet NG with enabling them to remain in business in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Since 2003, the agency based its firm-wide document management process on Cabinet NG’s Document Management (CNG-SAFE) software. CNG-SAFE automates document management workflow and archiving, transforming inefficient and error-prone paper processing into an efficient electronic workflow. As a result of hurricane Katrina, Maiorana Insurance’s offices were awash under five feet of water, forcing the firm to evacuate and set up temporary operations in Texas and then to its current headquarters in Louisiana. Throughout the ordeal, the company was able to continue serving its 300-plus customers, many of whom were also suffering from Katrina and desperate to file insurance claims.
“We escaped Hurricane Katrina with my server and laptop. While other insurance companies were trying to figure out who their clients were, we had all of our files with us. We were able to quickly set up shop out of state, link the server to my laptop and serve the clients that desperately needed help,” said Joseph Maiorana, president of Maiorana Insurance. “Thanks to Cabinet NG all our files were safe, we stayed in operation and we were able to serve our clients from an interim facility.”
Maiorana Insurance, like other Cabinet NG customers, implemented CNG-SAFE to improve efficiencies, and save time. Because Cabinet NG transformed their paper-based processes into a digital filing environment that was easily protected and transported, Maiorana experienced first hand the other benefits an automated document and workflow management solution provides in a time of crisis. Cabinet NG’s software is highly scaleable and yields better business processes for firms of all sizes in all situations.