Data Protection Laws and Your Data

Politics is not something you’ll see talked about on this web site very much, however. Congress is quickly moving to enact a set of data protection laws. It’s important that you know what Congress is doing to protect you (or not protect you).
The Washington Post writes House Democrats and Republicans split sharply yesterday over how to best protect consumers’ personal data, as legislation to curb the persistent scourge of identity theft and fraud began to move on a fast track on Capitol Hill.
In a 13 to 8 vote along party lines, a subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved a bill that would require information brokers to submit plans for safeguarding private data to the Federal Trade Commission for monitoring and review.
The bill also would establish the first nationwide requirement for notification of consumers when certain breaches of data occur and would force brokers to submit to security audits if their data banks are compromised.