Don’t Touch That $400 Computer.

I’m sure many of you would NEVER go to Wal-Mart to shop for a computer, HOWEVER, I can think of a few of you that might consider it. Could I politely ask you to think twice?
For your business technology you want to ensure the computer is dependable and SUPPORTED when things go wrong. I’m sure Wal-Mart will do its best to sell good computers but my bet is that these computers are going to be the cheapest made, with the cheapest parts.
HP is making the computers but you might be better off, buying “business class” machines from HP directly or a reseller than buying it though Wal-Mart.
I’d go on the safe side for a business computer and buy from Dell, Gateway, Lenovo, HP, Sony or Toshiba (notebooks).
Most likely the vendor’s I’ve just mentioned also use “cheap” parts in their computers but they must keep demanding business customers happy as well!
Cnet writes Black Friday 2005, which posts information about retail deals, posted scans of what appear to be future Wal-Mart newspaper inserts featuring a $398 laptop and a $398 desktop with an LCD monitor from HP. The notebook deal, if consummated, would represent a new low in price for mainstream Windows laptops.
The laptop in the ad comes with a 2800+ Sempron processor from Advanced Micro Devices, 256MB of memory, a 40GB hard drive, a CD-RW/DVD drive and a 15-inch screen.
The desktop, meanwhile, comes with a 3000+ Sempron, 512MB of memory, a 40GB drive and a 15-inch LCD.