eBay Franchises Use Technology Too

Technology is not just for “regular” companies. But companies that are VERY tech heavy can make use of technology also.
Startup Journal writes Just as online technology gave rise to the eBay marketplace, it would allow iSold It to scale up efficiently and fast. The company devised an online system to collect data from all inquiries and respond with email packages of information. “We don’t mail anything,” Mr. Sully says. Potential franchisees register for conference calls, held four times a week, allowing salespeople to present the concept to dozens of people at once.
Tuesdays Mr. Sully set aside for on-site tours, and people fly in from across the country to listen to a presentation, eyeball the franchise, and make their decision whether to buy.
To keep pace with the desired store openings, Mr. Sully struck a deal with Total Resource Group of Chicago. Together they designed a “store-in-a-box” concept. TRG manufactures the store components — counters, fixtures, shelving — which can be installed quickly in existing strip-mall space after a lease is signed. “Once the truck arrives,” says Mr. Sully, “we can open within 48 hours.” And a private corporate intranet allows an online forum, where franchisees can discuss any topics related to the business.
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