Eli – Broad Band Security In One Box

When you or your customers are in the office you have (ideally speaking) your network as secure as it can be with servers for anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall, anti-phishing and all the other good stuff. However, when they access the Internet from home or a remote office is that security comprised due to them not having the security features of the corporate office?
Eli has an appliance that includes all of this (and more – like wireless) in one device. Furthermore, you don’t have to manage the device yourself – Eli does.
Pricing starts at $199, plus managed service at $9.99 per month per user.
The Eliô Managed Services solution protects your network while monitoring and enforcing your remote users’ compliance with established security policies. Eli’s round-the-clock protection can be configured to your specifications without a significant investment of resources, time, staff hours or training budgets. At the same time, Eliô shelters remote workers from complexity by eliminating all training, management, troubleshooting and integration issues.
And with Eli Managed Services, VPN configuration and maintenance is no problem. Eli continually monitors your end points to ensure they are working correctly and adequately secured. It’s the same 24x7x365 management that is applied to all Eli features.
By enabling remote and mobile employees to connect to corporate data and applications while ensuring the integrity and security of the corporate network, Eli ensures quality performance, robust security and world-class management at an economical cost.