Email: It Used to Be So Good

Remember when email used to be great. When it was a powerful communications tool? Now, it seems to be a real PAIN with the tons and tons and tons of email you are receiving. You wish it was all important, but realize that much of it is a WASTE OF TIME.
The New York Times has a GREAT piece out and writes “I quit my job because of the stress, and it had almost everything to do with e-mail,” he said.
It was not so long ago that e-mail dashed around the world with abundant good cheer, prompting people to race to the keyboard with anticipation, punctuate their sign-offs with smiley faces or TTYL (talk to you later) and express general wonderment at how life was ever lived before the in-box was invented.
But now that it has become an essential form of communication–with traffic exploding from 5.1 million messages in 2000 to 135.6 million messages in 2005, according to the Radicati Group, a technology and market research firm in Palo Alto, Calif.–e-mail is causing as much distress as delight. And it’s driving an increasing number of employers, bosses and workers to find ways to control or curtail the load.
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