Email Marketing Works: But Takes Work

Email is a POWERFUL marketing tool. Low cost and effective, especially for smaller businesses. Despite concerns that email list growth is waning, a new study by ExactTarget shows that list growth for many industries in fact is quite healthy, with monthly average net increases of 3.2 percentóor 38 percent annual net growth.
Even though the study is encouraging news for email marketers, the author of the study warns that it is getting harder to grow an email list and that organizations need to consciously and continually focus on acquisition.
Morgan Stewart, director of strategic services at ExactTarget, author of the study, offers marketers the following tips for growing and maintaining their email marketing lists:
1. Make it about them. The best way to keep subscribers on your list is to make sure there is something of value for them in every communication.
2. Sign up here! Make the email sign up area on your website a priority, sell the benefits, use a strong call to action, and offer something of value to those who sign up.
3. Landing pages work. Tie your search advertising campaigns into a customized landing page requiring registration to obtain something of value, such as a report or other information.
4. Install a website registration firewall. If there is considerable value to the content on your website, require visitors to register for access. Of course, you still need people to opt-in to receive email.
5. Email signatures are free advertising. Use banners and links in email signatures and watch your daily business communications help grow your email list.
6. Don’t overlook business cards. Collect business cards at meetings and conferences and follow up via email with more information on your company. Use the follow up email as an opt-in message for a longer-term relationship.
7. The first touch is a powerful one. Have receptionists and Customer Service Representatives ask callers if they would like to receive information or updates via email.
8. Newsletters provide context. Sponsor a newsletter related to your value proposition and offer something in exchange for registration.
9. Website pop-ups deliver results. Although not crowd favorites, those using website pop-ups continue to boast decent results despite the increased use of pop-up blockers.
10. Think twice about co-registration. While co-registration is a very effective tactic for growing the number of subscribers on a list, the response rate from these subscribers is consistently less than the average response rate of subscribers acquired through other means. Closely monitor the return on this investment.