FireFox 1.5 – Get It for a Better Browsing Experience

I’ve been using Mozilla’s FireFox for several months now and continue to enjoy it. I have also tried out Operabut like FireFox much better.
Microsoft Internet Explorer – well I only use it when I have to.
To my delight Firefox 1.5 will be coming out soon, reports TechWeb, and I suggest you get it. For small businesses that MUST work faster and smarter – Firefox is a great asset. writes Firefox 1.5, which has been in beta since August and has gone through three release candidates this month, will be available for free download in editions for Windows, the Mac OS X, and Linux later Tuesday from the Mozilla site.
The first major upgrade since the Nov. 9, 2004, debut of the browser, 1.5 includes a new automatic update feature, faster back and forward page viewing, drag-and-drop tab reordering, and new support for Web standards, including JavaScript 1.6 and cascading style sheets CSS2 and CSS3.