Intellisync Corporation to be Acquired by Nokia

Intellisync Corporation, the leader in platform-independent wireless messaging, announced today that Intellisync has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Nokia. The acquisition of Intellisync supports Nokia’s goal to be the leader in enterprise mobility and enhances the ability of its customers to connect devices to data sources, applications and networks.
With Nokia’s purchase of Intellisync, it makes Nokia an INSTANT big player in the mobile synchronizatio market – a key component of being an overall mobile leader – which Nokia wants to be more of.
Building on the recent launch of Nokia Business Center, a software solution enabling push email and other collaborative business applications, this acquisition underscores Nokia’s commitment to be the leader in enterprise mobility. With Intellisync, Nokia will be able to offer its customers the ability to connect practically any device to any data source, application, or network, empowering companies as they make mobility a de facto way of doing business.