Mobile Devices and Security Policies

As more and more users use mobile devices it is important for you to properly manage their security. When you buy 5 smartphones for your sales force you must remember that these are CORPORATE assets that still should be managed and secure. The challenge, however, is that these assets are kept by users 24/7, unlike a desktop computer that resides in the office. Good Technology, competing with RIM (maker of the Black Berry) has a solution.
News Factor writes Good Technology, a vendor of mobile e-mail software, recently expanded its product line to help I.T. maintain that grip even as employees travel. Good Mobile Defense, an optional add-on is scheduled for release in January for the company’s GoodLinkwireless Latest News about wireless messaging software, lets administrators control five key aspects of security policy over the air, says Dan Rudolph, director of product management at Good.
The product is based on SureWave Mobile Defense, which Good acquired earlier this year through its purchase of JP Mobile. It uses the GoodLink messaging mechanism to reach and modify devices in the field, Rudolph says.