OpenDocument Standard On the Rise

Microsoft Office’s file format is THE defacto standard for business applications, however, the OpenDocument standard is becoming more popular as well. This is promising for Microsoft’s competitors, but not so good news for Microsoft.
For you, what does it mean? That maybe not today but in the future you can purchase applications with more featurs and more cross platform compatibility for lower prices.
Cnet writes IBM and Sun Microsystems convened a meeting in Armonk, N.Y., on Friday to discuss how to boost adoption of the standardized document format for office applications. The ODF Summit brought together representatives from a handful of industry groups and from at least 13 technology companies, including Oracle, Google and Novell.
That stepped-up commitment from major companies comes amid signs that states are showing interest in OpenDocument. Massachusetts in September decided to standardize on OpenDocument for some state agencies.
James Gallt, the associate director for the National Association of State Chief Information Officers, said Wednesday that there are a number of other state agencies are exploring the use of the document format standard.
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