Sage: Offering More Than Software. Discounts on Business Services

Sage Software announced that it will be launching ëSaving with Sage,’ a business service and supplies purchasing program for Sage Software customers on maintenance and service plans. Starting in January, eligible customers will receive discounts on products and services from office supplies to real estate services, web meetings to postage. Key vendor partners participating in the program to offer savings to Sage customers include Pitney Bowes, Corporate Express, iLumen, WebEx, Citrix Online, CardScan and many others and new vendors are being added regularly.
This is a good initiative, but there’s so many of these savings plans offered by credit card companies and local business groups, not to mention AAA.
Products and services offered through the program are available at a discount and will save businesses not just money, but the time it takes to research and cost compare. Nearly 80% of small & medium -sized businesses work between 40 and 79 hours per week, according to a recent survey conducted by Sage Software. Business owners and managers are busy, so even small time savings can make a significant impact on productivity. With the program, the homework is already done and the pricing is already negotiated. By combining needs with a broad community of Sage customers, individual buying power is increased significantly, enabling businesses to get discounts and extras on services to which they would not normally have access.
“Having owned and operated my own small businesses, I understand the demands placed on business owners, and the challenges they face in negotiating pricing and services. We know our customers pour their hearts into their companies, and want to do everything we can to help them succeed,” said Ron Verni, president and CEO, Sage Software. “ëSaving with Sage’ boosts our customers’ buying power and gives them access to products and services that can help them better market to and serve their own customers, and improve the way they conduct business.”
Once the ëSaving with Sage’ program rolls out in January, eligible Sage Software customers on maintenance and service plans need only to log on to the Sage Software web site to view all the participating ëSaving with Sage’ vendors and discounts available.
ëSaving with Sage’ is one of a series of recent initiatives from Sage Software that focus on extended service to customers. Other recent initiatives include Sage Summit, the company’s first educational conference that spans multiple product lines, Business Minds magazine that offers informative articles on business management issues, and the Business Minds survey, a study of the ups and downs of business life in North America.

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