Securing the Eddge of Your Network

Microsoft Press Pass reads Not too long ago, it was a relatively simple task for organizations to secure their networks at the perimeter. The network could be isolated from the world at large, with a combination of technologies and the physical boundaries of the corporate office serving as walls and moats to keep intruders at bay.
But what should organizations do when their network no longer has a static perimeter, and their employees are as likely to log on from their home in Albuquerque as they are a hotel in Shanghai or a cafÈ in Rome? In today’s interconnected, global business environment, do networks even have “edges”?
This is the topic of the November’s Security360 webcast, taking place Tuesday, Nov. 15.
As they do each month, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Mike Nash and Director of Product Management Amy Roberts of Microsoft’s Security Technology Unit will gather with security experts to discuss the topic at hand.
This month, the conversation will focus on how unmanaged devices, such as laptop PCs, can more securely connect to corporate networks. Viewers will hear perspectives and ideas from a variety of industry guests including Laura Koetzle of Forrester Research, John Meakin of Standard Chartered Bank and Barbara Nelson of the enterprise connectivity service provider iPass. Other guests on the show will include Bob Gleichauf of Cisco, independent software and network security consultant and Microsoft MVP Steve Friedl, and Andrew Harding of Juniper, along with Mark Ashida and Karen Worstell of Microsoft.